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Rug burns


As we limped away

from our consecrated vows

bilaterally burned

on everything

with you in your glowing

and my knee near collapse

I saw there, underlined

in a slurry of black asphalt

hot and sticky with everything

how everything became ours

the rusted Volvo, your swollen

labia, and the peeling sensation

against my inner thigh, the arguing

mockingbirds, and the rising sun

even the hummingbird passerby


And we were the same


The Stink Of

All at once my senses reeled

A cold wind, thick and choking

A smell so foul it coats the mouth

As it worms its way down your throat

Sitting like a rock in your stomach, lurching.


Rotting flesh hung days past

As a warning to others.

Loosed bits of oily hair

Encircle the open-air grave.

Its once wild, now hollow eye

Staring at a world it no longer sees.

What a world

That hangs a corpse amongst the trees.

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